Introduction to Mongolia Mining 2018

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Mongolia Mining 2018 International Mining & Oil Expo will be held for the 6th consecutive year on 4-6 April 2018 at Buyant Ukhaa Sports Palace, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The 6th edition of the expo will feature traditional mining and emerging oil industries of Mongolia with exhibitors and visitors representing the industry's major companies and the largest number of professionals. In addition, the organizing committee will hold seminars with guest speakers from the Government and its agencies, academic scholars, business professionals covering topics including the Government policy on mineral resource and adapted new laws, mining and infrastructure projects of Mongolia, the trend and forecast of the industry, and more.

The expo is organized jointly by Minex Mongolia Co., Ltd, Expo Mongolia Co., Ltd., and International Expo Bureau of Mongolia. As a tradition and the most important technological event of the country, the Ministry of Mining, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia are serving as the main supporters of Mongolia Mining 2018.

Recent developments regarding the strategic deposits and mining and infrastructure projects of Mongolia put the sector in crucial stage of promising growth with vast opportunities for investors and mining companies. As a result, Mongolia Mining 2016 expo meets the growing need for better platform for suppliers and buyers to meet and discuss businesses, expand valuable networking and collaboration opportunities among industry stake holders.

Mongolia Mining 2018 will host exhibitor booths from mining and exploration companies, oil exploration companies, service providers and equipment suppliers, evaluation and consulting companies, investment and financing institutions as well as representatives of multilateral organizations interested in this crucial industry.

Mongolia Mining Expo will feature more than 120 in-house booths and outside equipment spaces displaying products and services of diverse exhibitors including:

    Mining companies, energy, metal and non-metal
    Oil exploration companies
    Geological survey and exploration companies
    Mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers
    Mining machinery: excavating, hoisting, loading, transport and construction
    Mineral processing: crushing, pulverizing, screening and laboratory
    Drilling service and equipment providers
    Explosive traders and manufacturers
    Safety equipment providers
    Oil importers and retailers
    Catering and logistics service providers
    Environmental protection and rehabilitation companies
    Consultants, accounting and law firms, mining evaluation services
    Banks, insurance and investment companies
    Education: universities, research and training institutions
    Mining rights owners
    Trading companies
    Technology: automatism and information services, software development data analysis, laboratories, satellite communication

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